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Are you looking for a place where you can come and find out the latest news and information regarding the Christian life or want a place to help you grow as a Christian but not get all of the politics and false doctrine that seems to plague many ministries these days? Are you a non-believer that wants a place to learn about God in a way that relates to you and answers the questions you may have regarding Christianity? If you are, then you have come to the right place.  Too many ministries these days try to equip believers and those searching for the truth for everyday life, but forget to give a valid application to plug into. We want to change that. Fuel My Faith is a weekly internet show, or podcast,  that covers Christianity from a everyday standpoint and then helps you to connect what you have learned with your everyday life.

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We accomplish this by giving you easy to use tools like a Bible reading plan, opportunities to give to others and a new resource called Life Apps.  Using these Life Apps, you will see how to truly live the life that God has designed for you.

Our first official live streaming call in show here! We are live using UStream.tv and taking calls on our new phone number from Skype. Jerry and David bring to light breaking news from New York about the supposed “missing link”, which is being touted as “the completion to Darwin’s theory”, that was found 25 years ago and is on display at the Natural History Museum right now. We also discuss Obama’s trip to Notre Dame and the speech that he gave regarding abortion. Our first caller calls in to get this first live show off the ground.

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first episode of big bang theory season 7 episode 7Then we planned to have a go at fly fishing for pike during the winter months, again the Big Bang Theory is so funny and barbecues were mentioned, no wives this time, I got the number of the boat man, we talked about it some more, but again we were not able to pin down the elusive day, and time moved on.
So finally we picked a day in January, the Salmon season had just begun and Heiko and myself had talked so much about going fishing over the winter that there was a certain amount of anticipation building as New Episodes of Big Bang Theory approached the date. The day arrived after another false start due to atrocious weather conditions the week before; The River Laune was full to the brim and more. It was a fine dry bright day and I knew by the look of the water that fly fishing this river wouldn’t be easy, but after all the talk and anticipation I was determined to fish it as best I could.

So I went deep with my flies and tried to cover the fish I had seen surfacing, but the river being so high I don’t think I even got close. Heiko on the other hand armed with fly rod and choice of spinning rods was well equipped to get down into the fish and with a 20 gram black flying “c” hooked and landed his first ever Salmon, well after all the talk at least he had something to show for it.
I thoroughly enjoyed the day and really felt like I’d been away from the river too long and it is great to be back. I’m looking forward now till the next time with Heiko, I hope it’s not as long. The Sheen River is open this year after being closed for the year I’m sure I’ll spot him on it somewhere.